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GSM-R phones

Safe and punctual train journeys require reliable communication between train drivers and train management, as well as onboard employees.

GPH-610R - 4.01

New updated version.
Designed as a general purpose handset, adapted to the GSM-R the SED GPH-610R fulfil EIRENE FRS 8.0 & SRS 16.0.

EIRENE Functions

  • ASCI functions: VGCS, VBS and eMLPP
  • EIRENE Features: Railway Emergency Call, Functional Addressing, Functional Number Management.
  • Multimedia Functions: MP3, MP4, Camera, Video.

OPH/OPS - 810R 4.01

New updated version.

Designed for railway staff working with operational work outside in extreme conditions. The SED OPH-810R fulfil EIRENE FRS 8.0 & SRS 16.0

  • ASCI Functions: VGCS, VBS, eMLPP
  • EIRENE Features: Railway Emergency Call, Functional Addressing, Functional Number Management
  • Large power speaker suitable for noisy enviroments
  • Frontal and rear MICs
  • IP65
  • Cell monitoring and Cell forcing.

OPS - 810R 4.0
 The OPS model is largely based on the OPH model but is specifically designed for the needs of shunting applications with software supporting shunting functionality such as LAS signal transmission and Man Down function with GPS.


The optimal phone for Railway personnel It works fully as a GSM-R phone with all railway functions and as an ordinary Android Smartphone = All in one. Personal alarm with physically correct alarm button, fall alarm or "ManDown" as it is also called.


  • Two SIM-cards for both GSM-R and LTE/4G.
  • Group call - Exclamation - Railway emergency call GSM-R APP with practical shortcut "buttons" for easy dialing of important functions such as Electrical Operator, Train Driver, Departure Preparation, etc.
  • On duty - Not on duty: rWork APP with smart functions for staff with automatically scheduled registration and deregistration of UN numbers.

Cradle kit SED

Cradle Kit SED is designed to easily upgrade all existing Malux TrainTalk™ models including Malux OVK4 and Bury CarTalk systems to work with the new SED phones OPH-810R and OPS-810R. Cradle kit SED can replace the TiGR350R holder without rebuilding.

The Cradle Kit SED 2.0 provides a 4 – 5 dB higher antenna signal than Sagem/Sierra TiGR350R Cradle and the insertion loss is only 1,5 – 2,5 dB, which provides a better coverage. Fulfil EIRENE FRS 16.0 3.2.5

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